Own-Project Friendly Dental & Prosthetics Clinic

We are a special Dental & Prosthetics Clinic. Our offer provides the highest quality of services, professional equipment, lasting materials and creative dentists. We treat every Patient individually, ensuring maximum comfort. We propose a programme of alternative methods of coping with stress, fears and neuralgia connected with visiting a dentist.

We invite Little Patients to our rainbow room of fun and play and our Big Patients to a comfortable waiting room. Everyone feels good in the friendly atmosphere of our Clinic.

Dentistry procedures proposed by our Clinic are conservative dentistry, orthodontics, as well as aesthetic dentistry. Currently, teeth whitening as a standard procedure of aesthetic dentistry is very popular, significantly improving the general look of a face, not only of public persons.

The main profile of our activity is children’s dentistry, that is pedodontics. Treating children is very rewarding work. Our little patients can count on many attractions. Tooth filling is not the only thing that pleases us. In Mr Crocodile’s clinic, pro-health education also takes place, as well as hygiene lessons, integrating meetings, adaptation visits, events, workshops for children and parents.

It should not be forgotten how important prosthetics is, that is recreating lost teeth. Each one of us would like to have strong, own teeth; however, it is not always possible. Well-made denture can replace natural dentition. The implants we make are a guarantee of good quality dentition for many years.

In order to rectify an incorrect occlusion, a dentist may recommend braces, permanent or removable. Removable braces require strict cooperation with the dentist, as well as responsibility and reliability, because the patient is obliged to follow the rules of appropriate use. Permanent braces are more comfortable in the sense that once installed, they require control in the clinic once every 4-6 weeks.

Dentistry is our profession and our passion. A beautiful smile is the dream of every person, therefore, why not make it come true if one has such a possibility? Both modern prosthetics, as well as orthodontics can work miracles. You can have a healthy smile practically until the end of your life. The denture we make are made with precision with materials such as porcelain or acryl.

Caries is a chronic bacterial disease, which if left untreated may even cause the loss of a tooth. That is why, already from the earliest years, caring for the oral cavity should be important, in order to get rid of bacteria causing this disease. In this way, one can avoid the unpleasant consequences of caries at a later age.

Dentistry treatment does not have to be associated with pain, and a dentist can be your friend!

05.11.2014Orthodontics without the necessity of removing teeth

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry, which specialises in diagnostics, prophylactics and treatment of teeth and facial faults. In a great majority of clinical cases, modern treatment methods allow to correct many orthodontist faults non-invasively. Research conducted by world scientists of this branch and their many years of experience and publications proves that the best results in treatment are obtained without the extraction of permanent teeth.

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