Mr Crocodile’s rules

  1. Your Dentist is your friend.
  2. Remember that everything he does he does his best for it to be:
    good, fast, painless.
  3. Your dentist MUST know what health condition you are in, what medication you are on, what procedures or operations you have had, etc.
    PLEASE! Prepare yourself. An interview is done at the first visit.
  4. DEAR CLIENT! It is you who arranges the plan of measures with your Dentist. You have the right to decide in what order and frequency the treatment will be performed. It is you who chooses the colour and shade of all prosthetic works.
    Your Dentist is there to help you, but it is your mouth and IT IS YOU WHO MUST BE SATISFIED.
  5. Remember that your stress rubs off on your Dentist. Therefore, in order to raise the comfort of work and treatment, we have introduced an own-project programme at our clinic for coping with stress.
    The programme introduces elements of exercises with the imagination and breathing, which help with the Client-Dentist connection.
    We ask the interested to make appointments for consultations personally.
  6. In exceptional cases, your Dentist can propose some exercise for getting rid of stress – trust him.
    REMEMBER! Even a momentary diversion of your attention from that which stresses you can help in a difficult situation.
  7. DEAR CLIENT! Our clinic is for you, therefore, if you have any concerns or questions, we are there to listen.


Joanna Rąpała

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